✈️ IAAI, KMITL cooperation with the Micro Academy (MICA) 🕹🖲

👋🏻 June 29, 2022 – The Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot students of the International Academy of Aviation Industry – KMITL in cooperation with the Micro Academy (MICA) hosted a “Drone Programming and Leadership Training” in Nakhon Nayok. ✈️
The training was headed by Mr. Chanawee Suthibutr, Mr. Supakrith Punyaratabandhu and Dr. Papob Puttimanoradeekul. They shared their insights to the students not only how to maneuver the drones but also the vital uses of it such as its ability to collect large scale data, assist in rescue operations, reducing on site labor, road safety, etc. thereby improving the quality of life especially in remote areas. The goal of the training was to help the students gain practical knowledge on UAV and apply these on their field of study by following SOPs, grid mapping, coordination, and effective communication. 🕹🛸

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