Admission for Aerospace Engineering



Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering


The application has taken at least ONE in each topic of the following standardized tests
  • PAT I (71: Mathematics)
    SAT I (Mathematics)
    CU – AAT (Mathematics)
    SAT II (Mathematics Level 2)
    ACT (Mathematics)
    AP Test (Calculus) AB or BC
    A – Level (Mathematics)
    SAS – Level (Mathematics)
    IGCSE ( Mathematics)
    IB – Diploma (Mathematics)
    NCEA (Level 2 or Level 3) of a Mathematical Subject
    Gaokao Score of Mathematical Subject


The application has taken at least ONE in each topic of the following standardized tests
  • GAT (Part 2 – English)
    CU – TEP
    TU – GET
    Cambridge English Exams FCE or CAE or CPE
    Gaokao Score of English Subject


The applicant has taken at least ONE in each topic of the followung standardized tests
  • PAT III (73 : Physics)
    SAT II (Physics)
    CU – ATS
    Ap Test : Physics I (B) or Physics II (C) or Mechanics A – Level (Physics)
    AS – Level (Physics)
    IGCSE (Physics)
    IB – Diploma (Physics)
Aerospace Engineering

Admission Process

01Online Application

  • The applicant must apply online and upload all necessary documents via our online application system:
  • The applicant must deposit a 1,000 THB (one thousand Thai Baht only) a non-refundable application fee using the specified payment methods announced at the online application systems. The applicant is responsible for any additional transaction fee incurred by financial institution. If the applicant does not reside in Thailand, please contact our IAAI admission office at contact information to facilitate the application process.
  • The applicant ill be notified of his/her eligibility for an on-site interview after admissions committee reviews the application. The actual location and time of the interview will be announced prior to three interview date mentioned above.

02Interview Candidate Annoucement


  • The applicant will be interviewed by admission committees at the International Academy of Aviation Industry, KMITL.
  • An interview is conducted in English.
  • Location and time of an interview will be annouced on our website prior to 3 interview date mentioned in the Admission schedule.

04Admission Decision Annoucement

05Tuition Fees and Enrollment Confirmation

  • The tuition fees of Academic Year 2022 is 90,000 THB (ninety-thousand Thai Baht only) per semester.

06Confirmation of Admission offer through TCAS Clearing House and confirmation of enrollment

  • Accepted applicants must follow the procedure for confirming their admission offer through the TCAS65 Clearing House as required by the Council of University Presidents of Thailand.
  • After confirming their admission offer, the applicants must confirm their enrollment at KMITL and pay the tuition fee according to the procedure announced on the website
  • The paid tuition fee is non-refundable and cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.
  • The applicants who have confirmed their enrollment at KMITL and have paid the tuition fee can enroll and register for courses in Semester 1/2022 without having to pay the tuition fee for Semester 1/2022 again.

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