Aerospace Engineering Program


Getting to know our new program

Aerospace Engineering (KMITL) towards the path of creating a full space innovation.

     For the Aerospace Engineering program of IAAI, we are offering 3 engineering majors, namely Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Aviation Maintenance Engineering and Aviation Data Analysis & Aerospace Engineering.

1. Unmanned Aircraft Systems

     With IAAI’s UAV program, we will learn about programming, system controlling for 3 types of UAVs including multi-rotor, fixed wing, and the hybrid VTOL UAV. When the students finished the UAV development, they can apply these for any purposes such as.

     For agricultural farming, doing a survey, observing, managing a building construction and for search & rescue operations. UAV can gather all the necessary information then process and use on application. For example, gather the GIS data to build the map. For students who will study under the UAV major can have careers from UAV builders, UAV maintenance, UAV programming & data analysis to a UAV pilot. Since Thailand needs people working in this kind of profession.

2. Aviation Maintenance Engineering

     Aviation Maintenance, KMITL is the only and first University in Thailand that get support from AIRBUS to use the software Airbus Competency Training. KMITL also has a mutual understanding with several airlines that use AIRBUS airplanes. Then the students will have a chance to work and get experience on-site. Then they can get more understanding about real airplanes and 3D models and learn how to relate these in terms of maintenance in 3D model and real airplane as well. Students graduating in this major will be of high demand since companies are using Airbus airplanes at the same time they can work with Airbus as a flight operation, flight engineer or flight controller or being an aircraft maintenance engineer.

3. Aviation Data Analysis & Aerospace Engineering

     Aerospace Engineering. We will let our students learn about space in terms of innovation, build a satellite receiver with a large satellite antenna situated inside our academy that enables to receive signals as far as the Milky Way. We will let our students learn how to receive a signal from the satellites in orbit to see if there will be an object hitting to the earth or tracking satellites in space and observing if there is a chance they will collide. Also, we will launch a small satellite which is the project that we have been doing for almost 4-5 years with high school students. Most importantly, a student who graduate from aerospace major, are not only have a chance to work on space innovation, but also work as an aerospace engineer in which many multinational companies come to Thailand because they consider Thailand as the best place of launch site. They need these engineers who understand technology and telecommunication from the earth to space which makes this course a great opportunity for the students to study.

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