IAAI Airbus ACT for Academy



IAAI’s ACT for Academy system aims to serve as the springboard for those who are interested in aircraft maintenance careers. We also aim to be a first-choice training facility for Maintenance and Repair Organizations who seek an in-depth training system for their technicians.

What is the Airbus ACT for Academy ?

ACT stands for Airbus Competence Training. It aims to familiarize students with the latest Airbus aircraft technology and maintenance procedures, all within a classroom environment. ACT for Academy utilizes a combination of technical modules along with a 3D virtual aircraft that allows students to “walk around” the aircraft and explore various parts and components as if they were looking at a real airplane. The program also includes a scenario-based training system that trains students to perform tasks based on real-world technical issues found in airline operations. This method of training will challenge students to learn how to apply their knowledge before learning to work on an actual aircraft.

ACT for Academy can be utilized by a wide range of users, from licensed aircraft technicians to university students learning about aircraft systems for the first time. It can also be used as an introductory tool for those who are planning on transitioning from other occupations to aviation maintenance careers.

Supporting young generations

We collaborate with different schools and universities across the world to contribute in the development of aeronautical skills and competences at the early stages of the education programs. With ‘ACT for Academy’ you can be part of our recognised network.

What are the benefits ?

ACT for Academy is the perfect tool for instructors as it includes in-depth diagrams of aircraft parts and systems, as well as animated schematics to demonstrate how various maintenance tasks and procedures affect different aircraft systems. This provides a more engaging classroom environment for students. Licensed aircraft technicians will find the ACT for Academy program useful for reviewing technical knowledge and procedures. Technicians will be able to practice performing various maintenance tasks by using the virtual aircraft and related manuals included in the program, all within Airbus standard guidelines.

Major airlines, both international and domestic, have expressed interest in using the ACT for Academy system as a tool to accelerate technician training due to the system’s virtual aircraft module, which serves as a useful stand-in when actual aircraft are not available for technicians to work on.

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