📢 Another achievement from our alumnus! 🎺🎺

👋🏻 Congratulations to S.LT. ITTIPAT “KHAN” INTARANAK for having been selected to join the training at the Royal Thai Army Aviation Apprentice Program, Class of 67. 👨🏼‍✈️

🎙 “I’m finally did it! Thank you for all your support. One step closer to my dream. I’m telling the sky that I AM BACK!” To dream takes a long time and a long journey. To achieve it, just take one step at a time, so be patient” – S.LT. Ittipat “Khan” Intaranak ✒️

#ArmyStudentPilot67 #QPqeemohPilot #IAAI #KMITLFight #aeronauticalengineering #aerospaceengineering #TCAS66 #Dekd66

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