✈️ IAAI & MICA hosted a Drone Summit 🛬🛫

👋🏻 August 23, 2022 – International Academy of Aviation Industry – King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in cooperation with Micro Academy (MICA) hosted a Drone Summit during 23rd – 25th August 2022 at IAAI, KMITL with Thailand and partners from Singapore & Malaysia. The team was welcomed by Asst. Prof. Dr. Soemsak Yooyen, the Dean of IAAI and Maj. (Ret.) Adrian Teo Ren Lin, special lecturer and Head of Training, MicroAcademy. 🎓

🎙 During the meeting, each company shared there area of expertise and discussed collaboration areas to increase academic and enterprise solutions for Thailand and Southeast Asia in terms of UAV and UTM applications. 🎛

🚁 Participated corporations include Sky Visual Imaging Venture Company Ltd. (SKYVIV), a drone imagery specialists’ company, supplier of products and services for High Accuracy Mapping, Infrastructure Inspection and Precision Agriculture in Thailand; Heron Technology (Singapore), specializing in terms of cyber security services and unmanned aircraft technology software and platform development; and AlphaSwift (Malaysia), specialized in custom design, modification, and integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and autonomous operations. 🛬🛫

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