Student Research 2017

International Academy of Aviation Industry



Wind tunnel is a specified equipment or an apparatus which can produce an amount of moving air from the outside blower that is steadily flows into the cross-sectional tunnel with various speeds. This equipment will be helped an aeronautical engineering student easier to see how the variable speed air flows would be interacted to the testing models such as airfoil and symmetry cylindrical shaped object. By obtaining pressure distribution values from the various locations construction and in a very low costs of test models. This project will be created as an open circuit wind tunnel for its simply.

 In additional, this small scale open circuit low speed wind tunnel would be able to show how are laminar and turbulent flow look like.

This project also be presenting mass flow rate data obtained by our research experimental in the form of velocity profiles of this Basic Aerodynamic Demonstration project’s group.



Hydraulic power transmission systems are mainly use in today aviation industry. Installation of hydraulic power transmission systems need well planned and calculated before order the components. We decided to program to calculate friction loss along the pipes which is the mainly loss of any hydraulic system. We will experiment with experimental set by adjust the flow rate from minimum to maximum, observe the trends of the flow rate to the friction loss. Then compare and plot the graph between theoretical losses (program) with the practical losses (experiment) to check how accuracy or proximity of the program is.



Flow instruments are sets of apparatuses made to give quantification of fluid movement. We are to design Pitot-static system and inclined multi-tube manometer, both of which are pressure-based flow instruments designed to meet the following objectives:

1.  To attain ready-to-read airspeed measurement for pitot-static system

2.  To be able to measure pressure distribution for multi-tube manometer

3.  To prepare these instrument for demonstration and study at aeronautical lab

4.  Must be beneficial to future generation of students in their research 

Both instrument heavily relies on Bernoulli’s principle to operate. Pitot-Static system collects static pressure and stagnation pressure to derive dynamic pressure which can be related to airspeed. The design aspect includes pitot-static tube and ready to read scale. The ready-to-read scale utilises fluid theory to give airspeed measurement. Multi-tube manometer uses column liquid to measure and indicate pressure. The type of pressure measured is called gauge pressure which is the difference of absolute and atmospheric pressure. One end would measure pressure of interest, while the other measure reference pressure. Results are recorded in height which can be used derive absolute pressure. Fluid static theory is heavily used for the operation of multi-tube manometer.These instruments will be good learning devices for upcoming generations of students to come, and can also assist them in their research in the field of aeronautical engineering.



This paper describes about a small jet engine demonstration as part of aviation engineering program to be a laboratory for engineering student at international academy of aviation industry KMITL. The engine was installed to the test section with 8 sensors to measure air properties, RPM, fuel flow rate. The measured data from sensors were sent to DAQ as the data receive unit after that the data will be sent to LabVIEW software and are shown the measured data in laptop. The engine is also controlled from laptop by using a developed LabVIEW program interface which sends command to ECU for controlling the engine in real-time. The data acquired from sensors allow experimenter to know the air properties at the different stages and can be used to calculate thrust and efficiencies of engine. Through the lab experiment, the experimenters are able to understand more about the theory of jet engines and compare the actual thrust from sensor with calculated thrust from theory. Moreover, the small jet engine demonstration lab provides the students with hands-on experience to apply knowledge learned in classroom lectures to the real-time operation of jet engines.



Nowadays, Magnus effect is utilized for many purposes. However, it is not commonly known. Thus, the researchers decided to do the project on this topic to demonstrate this phenomenon and to be the source of knowledge for the next generation students. The basic idea of Magnus effect is explained and also the apparatus to demonstrate how the Magnus effect occurs. This Magnus effect demonstration Apparatus will become a part of Aeronautical engineering’s laboratory at the International Academy of Aviation Industry. The apparatus indicates the condition that Magnus effect occurs indicates the condition that Magnus effect occurs in different shapes of object; cylinder and sphere. Not only the basic geometry shapes that we mention but also the airfoil shape. The angle of attack is observed to evaluate the maximum amount of lift force that lead to the critical angle of attack. The Magnus effect apparatus was designed for the friendly – use purpose for anyone to gain highest quantity knowledge.



This project aims to test for effects on pump and hydraulic motor. By the palm oil used to set test hydraulic oil. Then compare the performance between the oil palm oil and hydraulic oil at mixed in a ratio of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% for plot a performance graph of pump and hydraulic motor. When the test at pressure on the value equal to 15-70 Bars to flow rate (Q) is equal 1.308×10⁻⁴ – 1.537×10⁻⁴ m³/s to the value performance of hydraulic pump equivalent 11.03%-30.99%. And a measure Torque from a hydraulic motor is equal 8.608 – 43.041 Nm. In Term 2 will try to compare with palm oil mix at different values. Then compare the result. Change the hydraulic pump on the hydraulic pump flow rate was adjusted measure bulk modulus of the trial created compare the results. Updates and features of palm oil.

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